Roger Fox

My story’ begins in 1970 with a band called ‘Lord Lucifer’ Graham Hair, Rob Halford (Judas Priest) and Pete Jelfs, this was a very memorable band, the highlight of which was playing a support slot at Henry`s Blueshouse, Birmingham, then the most famous rock venue in the Midlands. Sadly the band broke up and around this time I wrote ‘Footprints on the Water’ and a project called the “The Island Mountain Queen” I formed ‘Gorilla’ a five piece outfit who were commissioned by the Lichfield Youth Drama Group to perform my music (re-titled) in a modern version of Romeo &  Juliet, over two outside evening performances in Lichfield City centre.

In 1974 I joined ‘Man Friday’ a covers band with an ever changing line-up, gigging the length of the country, lots of travelling but fun. it was during this next period that I began to write more songs ‘Just a Child’, ‘Gypsy Queen’ and many others and in 1976 teamed up with Dave Paynter of ‘Day of the Damned’ fame to co-write with and form ,Dozer Willis’ with John Sanders and Dave Lloyd. 1976 also brought along my first teaching appointment working for Lichfield School of Art at the evening night classes.

Then in 1978 ‘Spam’ Mervyn Spence and I formed ‘Gypsy’ with Paul Phizakalea on drums, this was to be the forerunner for Big Daisy, our music is remembered to this day and previously unheard tracks can be listened to with the release of the new album. It`s great to think that after all this time the ‘Big Fat Lady’ has survived and is still appreciated by many.

Between 1992 & 94 I formed a covers act called ‘Hard Rain’ with Alan Scrivens and Adrian Prophet, This was a hard working and successful trio playing clubs and pubs and was basically my living. I had not worked within music since leaving ‘Big Daisy’. I now continue to write and record ideas at home and have completed several solo instrumental projects, Listen to ‘Mirage’ and ‘Sunrise 7’, these are a sample of my style today, I have also re-arranged ‘The Island Mountain Queen’ project from 1970 but have no immediate plans for it.

Having enjoyed teaching full time since 1993 and working at various schools in the county, I find it rewarding and there is always incentive there whatever age my pupils are, seven to seventy, and whatever their styles, electric or acoustic or in many cases both. I teach all my private pupils in their own homes where I think they feel the most comfortable and I can encourage them to be creative from the very early stages although an amount of theory, sight-reading and technique is involved, I consider composition to be most important especially for young pupils who have ambitions to write and perform their own material.